What is Our Pass Rate?

I am often asked "What is your pass rate?" I can answer one part of that question and one part I cannot.

A student takes two tests in the licensing process, a course test and a state test. Obviously I CAN answer about our course test pass rate. I have taught hundreds of students over the last 12 years and all of those together have a combined  pass rate of:


Now the state test is different, I don't always hear from everyone who takes the state test. Some take it right away, some wait months or even more than a year to take it. And being real, a student is more likely to call me and brag about passing than to call and admit failure. So all that considered, I don't even try to estimate a state test pass rate, it would be a pure guess!

Thanks for considering my school, I hope you will decide to attend one of our classes!

Hank Thompson, GRI/ePRO
Real Estate School of Florida
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Martin H. "Hank" Thompson III
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